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David Beckham has his kids work for their money…and follows them on dates

March 31, 2015


The Beckhams are fabulously wealthy people capable of giving their kids anything they could ever want. David was the world’s richest footballer with an estimated fortune of £175 million before retiring in 2013 and wife Victoria was called the UK’s top entrepreneur last year with an estimated £210 million to her name. But when oldest son Brooklyn was 14 years old, they still put him to work a French cafe in London to earn his own spending money.

“It came to the point where he turned 14, 14 and a half, and I thought, ‘If you want something, go and work and you’ve got your own money,’” Beckham told James Corden on the new Late Late Show. “Much to his dismay, we packed him off to the French cafe and he works there every Saturday and Sunday for a few hours and he gets his own pocket money.”

It’s unclear how Brooklyn reconciled his cafe job with his now finished stint in Arsenal’s academy, but David added that he is now trying to pawn the job off on one of his younger brothers. Meanwhile, middle son Romeo reportedly made £45,000 for one day’s work as a Burberry model when he was 12. Obviously Romeo is the smarter businessman.

The insight into the Beckhams’ parenting style didn’t end there, though. David also told the story of how Victoria had him observe Brooklyn’s first date from five tables away.

In addition to all he blabbing, Davey Becks and his pal Corden also put together a parody underwear commercial. Because he is legally required to be seen in his underpants by a minimum of four million people each month. Probably.






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