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Argentine doctor more interested in watching PSG-Barca match than treating patients

April 17, 2015


A man in Salta, Argentina went to see a doctor after cutting his leg on a piece of glass. The problem here was that the doctor he went to see was busy watching PSG play Barcelona in the Champions league and really did not want to have his on the job Messi watching time disturbed.

The injured man filmed his attempt to receive treatment as the doctor watched Barca beat PSG 3–1 on Wednesday via a small television beside his desk. When the patient tried to get the doctor’s attention, the doctor gestured to the television and said “You couldn’t have cut yourself at 5:30 or 5:45?”

The doctor then asks the man to wait until the first half is over.

As the man continues to record the surreal encounter, someone in a wheelchair can be seen in the doorway accompanied by a woman who patiently waits to get the doctor’s attention.

Finally the doctor begins the paper work for the man with the cut on his leg in between long breaks to watch the match. While doing so, he completely ignores the woman behind him when she greets him.

According to Cadena 3, the doctor has been suspended while the hospital investigates his actions. But that’s good news for him since he will now be able to watch the second leg at home without any injured people bothering him.

Video via Brasil Mundial FC





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