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Louis van Gaal delivers powerful and hilarious rambling speech at Man United’s awards gala

May 20, 2015


Louis van Gaal is just about finished with his first season at Man United. It started off terribly and, for a time, looked like he might go the way of David Moyes. But he got the club back into the Champions League and he’s ready to celebrate that. Perhaps a little too much.

At the conclusion of the club’s annual awards gala, Van Gaal was called up on stage to deliver a closing speech. Though we don’t know for sure that he had spent the previous few hours downing ever alcoholic beverage in sight, lets just say that simply watching this speech on your computer will raise your blood alcohol level.

You really should watch the whole thing, but highlights include:

-”I remember the meeting with the players, when captain Wayne Rooney said ‘We go for the second position in the league!’ And I said ‘YES!!! WE GO FOR IT!!!’” (3:30 into the video)

-”What I want to say to you: we are very CLOSE!” (6:50)

-Finally, saving the best for last, after his speech was over, Van Gaal climbed back onto the stage to deliver one last important message (7:55). “Ryan Giggs said to me, Ryan Giggs said to me — and he is right, he is always right. But in this case, particularly right. I have said to you that you are the best fans of the world. But I was tonight a little bit disappointed. And I shall say why: I have seen a lady who plays the saxophone fantastically. GIVE HER BIG APPLAUSE!”

And that’s how you deliver an end of season speech. Frankly, we should just be thankful that he kept his pants up the whole time. After all, this is a guy who produced an ungodly sound while singing “Louis van Gaal’s red army” with fans outside Old Trafford 48 hours earlier.






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