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No, Neymar. Just no.

June 4, 2015

The week’s most absurd soccer moments

By Sam Patterson

Neymar tried a rainbow flick. Bilbão couldn’t even. [source: Football Action]

Steve Clark’s failed check-swing turned into 2–0 for the Philadelphia Union. [source: /u/LockstheFox]

Panamanian U20 midfielder Luis Pereira laid out and made a great save, which would have gone over better if he were the team’s goalie. [source: gfycat]

Lee McCulloch went toe to pointer with an umbrella-slinging supporter of Scotland’s Motherwell, and the umbrella came out on top. [source: 101greatgoals]

An Everton fan (in the black shirt) got to live his dream of playing on the Goodison grass and claim the ignominy of what must be one of the longest-range own goals ever scored on the storied pitch. [source: youtube]

AVB and his Zenit squad played dress-up, proving once and for all why Eric Cantona is the only player that should ever go near period clothes. If any Russian speakers out there want to help us out, we’d be forever indebted. [source: Javi Garcia]

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