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Carlos Tevez returns to Boca Juniors, is happy he doesn’t have to speak English or Italian anymore

July 14, 2015


Carlos Tevez was unveiled before a huge crowd at La Bombonera as he made his return to his first club, Boca Juniors. In the 11 years since Tevez left he has played in Brazil, England, and Italy, and developed a reputation for an unwillingness to learn the local languages along the way (which resulted in him ignoring letters from the police). But now that Tevez is back to plying his trade in Argentina, he doesn’t have to worry about that anymore and he couldn’t be happier.


“There is nothing better than this for me. Nothing compares to this, nothing. These are my people, and also it’s great because I don’t have to speak in English or Italian anymore,” beamed Tevez of the overwhelming reception, before marveling at fans’ effort to attend his unveiling.

“Can this be compared to Italy and England?” he said. “No. Money can’t buy happiness.” It also can’t buy a desire to learn other languages, it seems.

Tevez wasn’t the only happy one at La Bombonera, though. One overjoyed pitch invader gave Tevez a hug and a smooch.


Maradona, who played for Boca in 1981 and then himself returned to end his career there in the mid-90s, was there too, and he even brought a banner that read “Thank you Carlitos for returning.”


Thankfully, it was written in Spanish so Tevez had no trouble understanding it.


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