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Four-year-old Man United fan sobs over the sale of Robin van Persie

July 13, 2015


Robin van Persie was only with Manchester United for three seasons, but to four-year-old Louis Diamond, that’s almost an entire lifetime. So when Louis’ parents broke the news to him that Van Persie was sold to Fenerbahce, he was devastated.

The young Man United fan bawled his adorable little eyes out and pointed to his original Van Persie themed artwork on the wall as his parents filmed him (and then uploaded the footage to YouTube).

But while Louis was crying, overjoyed Fenerbahce fans were mobbing Van Persie at the airport.


Some Fenerbahce supporters couldn’t help but feeling Louis’ pain, though. And one man in Turkey offered to host Louis and his family at his hotel so they could see Van Persie in Fenerbahce’s first match of the season. And to cover their airfare, he started a crowdfunding campaign that has already had 71 backers in its first day.

It reads (translation via the Manchester Evening News):

“My name is Ragıp Ulaş Altun. I would like this little kid to come to the league’s first match of the season. Fenerbahçe’s match against Eskişehir Spor, and if it’s possible, to meet Van Persie.

“I have a small boutique hotel in Galata, Istanbul. I will take on the family’s accommodation, transfer and other costs, I just need the family to pay for their London-Istanbul flights. Unfortunately the family expressed that they couldn’t do that, and I can’t afford that either.

“If you want, and if you can, I say let’s buy the ticket together.”

The arrivals of Memphis Depay, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Matteo Darmian, and Morgan Schneiderlin should help dry Louis’ eyes, too.

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