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A goalkeeper’s shame in three parts

August 19, 2015

Goal LA Galaxy — №9 Alan GORDON — LA Galaxy 2–0 Comunicaciones #SCCL #TheChampions @LAGalaxy @CremasOficial http://t.co/mEnbJT0fgJ

— THE CHAMPIONS (@TheChampions) August 19, 2015

Facing the LA Galaxy in the CONCACAF Champions League, Juan Jose Paredes experienced a regrettable moment that just kept getting worse.

The goalkeeper for Guatemalan club Comunicaciones condemned himself to this hellacious domino effect by getting his foot stuck in the turf just before making contact with the ball, causing it to roll towards Galaxy forward Alan Gordon. Paredes attempted to chase down his mistake, but this only gave Gordon the opportunity to nutmeg him and jump over the desperate keeper on the way to finally ending this horror by scoring on the empty net.

That gave LA their second goal in the first 10 minutes of the match. Gordon then scored again in the 54th minute to make it a 3–0 lead, but Paredes had mentally disassociated from his body at that point.

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