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Santos’ Ricardo Oliveira somehow hits the crossbar from point-blank range

August 16, 2015


Santos’ 35-year-old striker Ricardo Oliveira is leading the Brazilian top flight in goals this season, and yet, he still managed a truly remarkable miss.

In what would be a scoreless draw with Atletico Paranaense, Oliveira had one attempt saved, setting him up for a golden second chance with the keeper on the ground. And even though he was only a couple of feet away from the net, Oliveira launched the ball up off the crossbar and back towards midfield.


“That was worse than missing a penalty,” you might say. Well, he did that too, when his penalty attempt was saved just before halftime.

If a man can be driven to stab a ball to death with a kitchen knife, this performance would do it.

Thanks to Ryan Lloyd for the tip!

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