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Swedish player issues formal statement of regret for terrible dive

August 5, 2015


No matter how widely mocked a blatant dive is, the offender usually carries on with his existence without ever acknowledging his crime. But IFK Norrkoping captain Andreas Johansson has proven himself to be a bigger person than that.

During a match against AIK last weekend, Johansson feigned injury after standing near Mohamed Bangura’s outstretched arm. The move was so absurd that Bangura could only laugh at his playacting. And soon, the entirety of the internet joined him. This apparently prompted Johansson to reevaluate his life choices.

From the Guardian:

In a statement on his club’s website, Johansson said: “What I did was wrong and has no place in football. I had a quick brainwave of which I am very ashamed … When I see things like this on TV it makes me angry and it makes me extremely disappointed that I did it.”

Johansson also pledged to get over the incident, and refocus on his duties. “From now on, my focus will be on the future, on the preparations for our next match … My commitment and my desire to win will not be affected.

“I will continue to work even harder to be the role model I want to be, on and off the field.”

This is how the world becomes a better place, one reformed diver at a time.





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