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Uruguayan player throws himself off stretcher in attempt to waste more time

August 24, 2015


After winning the first leg of their Copa Sudamericana first-stage tie 4–1, Uruguayan club Juventud found themselves in a bit of trouble during the second leg when Real Potosi scored twice to make the aggregate score 4–3. Realizing the danger here, Juventud’s Matias Alonso did the only thing in his power as a footballer to try and preserve the lead: he faked an injury.

Claiming to have a cramp, Alonso drew the ire of his opponents as the medical cart came out so he could be loaded onto a stretcher and driven away in the 78th minute. But the medics were too good at their job. Alonso still wanted to waste more time, but they had already loaded him onto the stretcher and were mere seconds away from removing him from the pitch. He had to think fast. So as they lifted him up on the stretcher, he showed his desperation and commitment to the cause by purposefully falling off it.

This proved to be just a momentary setback, though. And Alonso was then taken away, hopefully to be dumped into the sea.

Juventud did hold on and will face Emelec in the second stage.

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