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When soccer becomes real life Fight Club

August 13, 2015

The week’s most absurd soccer moments

By Sam Patterson and David Rudin

Paulo Wanchope had to resign as Costa Rica’s head coach after this outburst. He wasn’t even coaching at the time. [source: gfycat]

Miguel Gallardo of the Jacksonville Armada ran for a clearance like a horse with blinders. Pity it didn’t work out for him. [source: r/NASL]

Celtic’s Leigh Griffiths got stuck in a Roadvac. Never been able to say that one before. [source: gfycat]

Chad Barrett? Remember Bill Gramatica? [source: youtube]

Chicago Red Stars’ Karina LeBlanc and Abby Erceg messed up their communication on a back-pass, handing the ball to Portland Thorns’ Allie Long on a silver platter. Long was all too happy to to take advantage of this bewildering twist of fate. [source: Twitter]

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