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Karma is a fickle thing, Sergio.

September 17, 2015

The week’s most absurd soccer moments

By Sam Patterson

UCLA’s freshman goalie Dakota Havlick had his freshman mistake when he let the ball and the victory slip through his fingers to a un-ranked Cal-Riverside team. [source: UCLA Bruins]

The players of Brazilian sides Oeste and Boa Esporte should have replaced their cleats with flippers to play on a pitch that give new meaning to the phrase “waterlogged”. [source: Daily Mail]

Eden Hazard should be arraigned for the mortar he launched into the crowd in this week’s Champions League match-up. [source: /u/FredSports]

If his soccer career ever fizzles out, Sergio Ramos has got the dolphin kicks to go into synchronized swimming. The dislocated shoulder he received in the same maneuver, though, may put a dent in those plans. [source: streamable]

Manchester City’s Jesus Navas cleared three mobile Crystal Palace outfielders and a goalie, but he couldn’t outsmart stationary goal posts. [source: youtube]

That white projectile to the far left of your screen zooming out-of-bounds was an erstwhile corner kick by Botafogo midfielder Tomas. [source: Dirty Tackle]

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