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Jamie Vardy is trying to guilt Roy Hodgson into taking him to Euro 2016

November 11, 2015


Jamie Vardy is having a historic season with goals in nine consecutive matches and counting for Leicester (one shy of Ruud van Nistelrooy’s Premier League record), so he probably doesn’t need much help cementing a place in England’s Euro 2016 squad. But that hasn’t stopped him from going the extra mile and employing devious tactics just to be sure.

From his interview with the Daily Mail:

For the next instalment of England at the Euros, Vardy aims to be providing the meaningful moments himself. To that end he has altered plans that even just six months ago seemed fairly safe.

His wedding to fiancee Becky was scheduled for June 2016 but earlier this season, as his goals brought international recognition, he conceded the risk was too great and the date should be brought forward.

‘I was due to get married bang on the start of the Euros,’ reveals Vardy. ‘The missus was on to me to move it. I thought it was fine. Then we moved it just to be on the safe side after I had my first call-up.

‘It was on a weekend, it’s now a midweek, which is not ideal for guests, but is just one of those things. May 25 is the new date, the week after the season finishes.’

Subtle, Jamie. Real subtle. A casual mention in a national newspaper of how you rearranged your entire wedding and inconvenienced all of your guests will make Roy Hodgson look like a heartless bastard if he leaves you out of the squad now. This is the work of a true evil genius. Are we sure he’s even really getting married? Does “fiancee Becky” even exist? I’m on to you, Vardy.

The 28-year-old, who just three years ago was playing non-league football, only just made his England debut in June, so regardless of how spectacular his club exploits are this season, you could see where he might feel a bit unsure about his place in the team. But this should change that. Unless Charlie Austin concocts a tale about his grandmother’s dying wish being to see him play at a European Championship.





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