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Gary Neville can’t pass up chance to boss around his little brother at Valencia

December 2, 2015

Sky Sports pundit and assistant manager of the England national team Gary Neville has accepted the position of Valencia manager, an unexpected move that suddenly puts him in an official position of power over younger brother Phil, who joined the Spanish club as an assistant last summer. It is immediately clear that Gary’s primary reason for taking this job is so he can tell Phil what to do.

Of course, Valencia are a prestigious club and this is a big step in Gary’s career and blah blah blah. But most importantly, Gary can make Phil do just about anything he wants under threat of dismissal. Make Phil call him “Your Highness”? He can do that. Make Phil serve him tea while dressed as a chicken? He can do that. Make Phil conduct training sessions while doing the Macarena? He. Can. Do. That.

The possibilities are endless. And Gary will undoubtedly explore them all. He’s already publicly mocked Phil’s attempts at mastering Spanish.

Think about this. Phil went out on his own to Valencia last summer, learned Spanish, did the hands-on work of an assistant for six months, then, out of nowhere, after mocking his efforts, big brother Phil hops over him for the top job there.

Oh, and just to prove that this is, in fact, the ultimate sibling troll job, Gary will officially take charge of the club on Sunday. The day after Valencia face Barcelona. Leaving Phil to serve as caretaker manager for that potential waking nightmare.

Thanks, bro.





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