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Espanyol hurl insults at Pique and Messi, lose by wide margin

January 14, 2016

The second leg of Barcelona and Espanyol’s Copa del Rey derby was a heated one despite the Blaugrana building on their 4–1 lead from the first leg to advance on an aggregate score of 6–1.

Barcelona’s Troll Supreme, Gerard Pique, riled up their local rivals after the first leg by questioning their ability to fill their own stadium (“They call themselves the ‘marvelous minority’, and they’re in such a minority that they can’t even fill their ground. Let’s see whether they manage to fill it for the return leg, because the other day it wasn’t full.”). So Espanyol fans responded by continuing their inexcusable taunts about his family.

From Goal.com:

During the game, the most radical of supporters at one end of the stadium unfurled a series of banners with messages aimed at the Barca centre-back and his popstar wife. “Shakira is everybody’s”, read one and the following one was worse still. “Antonio de la Rua, everything started with you,” it said.

De La Rua, son of a former Argentine president, is Shakira’s ex and the words on the banner (mimicking the ones used by Pique to mock Kevin Roldan and Cristiano Ronaldo earlier this year) were hinting that he is the father of Pique’s child Milan due to a supposed physical resemblance between the two. Milan has dark hair and eyes, like his mother (whose blonde locks are of course dyed).

One fan even brought a small pig’s head, supposedly to throw at Pique, but the defender did not come off the bench.

Meanwhile, on the pitch, Espanyol captain Alvaro decided to try and take Leo Messi down a peg after his record fifth Ballon d’Or win by alerting him to his short stature. But Messi came back with a harsher burn. Thankfully, they were both able to laugh about it.


In related news, I just decided that Jose Mourinho should be Espanyol’s next manager.





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