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Fight against overpriced tickets finds a leader in hilarious Irish Liverpool fan

February 9, 2016


(Warning: delightfully NSFW language)

Liverpool fans staged a walkout in the 77th minute of their club’s match against Sunderland (Liverpool were up 2–0 at the time, but finished with a 2–2 draw) on Saturday to protest the news that the highest priced tickets in the new main stand next season would be £77.

Outside Anfield, YouTube fan channel Redmen TV interviewed an Irish supporter who had strong feelings on the matter. And in this interview, a new leader emerged.

“Looking at a city like Liverpool, it’s a working class city, you can’t be charging be charging £77 a ticket,” he began, calmly enough.

The more he spoke, the more impassioned he became, and the more he began to swear.

“Seventy seven pound…to watch THAT! Are you fookin’ mad?! James Milner! What the fook?! You’re mad! Jordan Henderson is your captain! Fook off! Honestly…honestly…would you pay 77 pound to see fokin’ Jordan Henderson kick a ball against a wall? NO! Foke off.”

As the Football Supporters Federation looks to organize a mass walkout at matches across the Premier League over this issue, it’s clear that this Liverpool fan is the man to lead this revolution against greed and price gouging. Not because he’d be certain to bring change, but because I just want to hear him rant about James Milner some more.





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