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Rafa Benitez finds place that is excited to have Rafa Benitez

March 11, 2016


Following brief stints as the divisive replacement to Jose Mourinho (twice!) and Carlo Ancelotti, Rafa Benitez has finally found a job where he can be considered a breath of fresh air rather than a colossal mistake. By replacing colossal mistake in his own right Steve McClaren at 19th-place Newcastle.

“Newcastle supporters are pinching themselves,” according to Sky Sports News after it was announced that McClaren, who lost five of his last six matches in a disastrous first season with the club, was being pushed out for a man who was leading Real Madrid six weeks ago.

“He’s got a good track record. Eh, why not? Someone’s got to do it,” said one fan.

“He’s a fantastic manager,” said another (and no, I didn’t make any of these quotes up). “I think he really gets the spirit of the club, understands the fans, and I think Liverpool and Newcastle are quite similar in that way.”


Newcastle spent more money than any other Premier League club in the January transfer window in a desperate bid to stave off relegation, so Benitez should have a fighting chance to get the job done. And if he can’t, well, I’m sure Jose Mourinho will become a Newcastle season ticket holder next season just so he can watch Benitez in the Championship week in and week out.





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