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Crystal Palace player accuses Alan Pardew of being bad at counting to three

April 29, 2016


Lee Chung-yong has only made 12 appearances for Crystal Palace this season and according to the South Korean international, that might be at least partly down to manager Alan Pardew’s struggles in counting to three.

From the Telegraph:

Lee’s frustrations have now boiled over in an interview with the South Korean newspaper Sports Seoul, in which he has accused the manager of being so emotional during matches that he forgets how many substitutes he has deployed and of failing to rotate his team enough.

“Pardew is very smart in training but he’s too hot tempered in matches, so he even forgets how many substitutes are left,” Lee said.

“He told me to warm up, then we used all three substitutes, so I sat on the bench again. Five minutes later, he told me to warm up again so I told him there was no substitutes left. He just said: ‘Oh, sorry.’

Lee went on to accuse Pardew of having a “very short-sighted vision,” blaming Palace’s struggles in the second half of the season on his over-reliance on a few players who have gotten hurt, leaving their replacements unprepared to fill in.

These comments are apparently designed to get him out of the club this summer despite being contracted to Palace until 2018. He added that he’s been “humiliated” this season. And now he seems intent on doing the same to Pardew.


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