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Disgruntled fans of Brazilian club crash training session, challenge team to a friendly

April 1, 2016


Fans of Brazilian club Portuguesa have come up with a novel way of expressing their dissatisfaction with the season’s results and the team’s underperforming players. About 15 supporters turned up to a training session in red clown noses and full kits of their own and challenged the team to a friendly, confident that they could beat the struggling professionals.

The training session was halted and only resumed once the players could convince the protesting fans to leave the field. The club later posted a statement on their official site condemning the action, saying “The directors of the club understand the fans’ position, but reject the type of action taken and the interference in the professional environment.”

You might want to give this a try, Aston Villa fans. That said, you also might want to mentally prepare for how depressing it would be for everyone involved if the players accept your challenge and you beat them. No one wants to see Alan Hutton cry.

Thanks to Ryan Lloyd for the tip!





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