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How to tell when Barcelona are actually in crisis

April 14, 2016


Barcelona were eliminated from the Champions League by Atletico Madrid for the second time in three years and have now lost three of their last four matches. This has prompted an all too familiar round of “BARCELONA IN TROUBLE” alarmism that past experience has proven is rarely warranted. So how is one to tell when we’re actually in the midst of a true Barcapocalypse? Here’s a handy guide…

Failing to become the first club to ever win the Champions League in back to back seasons: Not in crisis.

Losing three of four matches after going unbeaten in 39: Not in crisis.

Only having a three-point lead atop La Liga: Not in crisis.

Being in the Copa del Rey final: Not in crisis.

Messi going five consecutive matches without scoring: Not in crisis.

Media publishing a fresh round of “Barcelona are collapsing” clickbait: Not in crisis.

Messi actively choking on a Lego piece: In crisis.

Gerard Pique deactivating his Twitter account: In crisis.

Barcelona’s only trophy over a two-season stretch is a fair play award for Luis Suarez: In crisis.

Barcelona falling into the relegation zone in April: In crisis.

Experts unanimously degrading Barca’s valuation from “more than a club” to “equal to or less than a club”: In crisis.

Jose Mourinho taking control of La Masia: In crisis.

The seven plagues are focused solely over the Camp Nou: In crisis.

Dani Alves wearing something understated and normal: In crisis.





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