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Losing to Wolfsburg inflicts physical pain on Marcelo

April 6, 2016

Wolfsburg shocked the world by beating Real Madrid 2–0 in the first leg of their Champions League quarterfinal and no one felt the pain of that upset more than Marcelo. The frustrated Real Madrid defender tried to be sneaky with a kick at goal scorer Maximilian Arnold before setting up for a free kick. When Arnold then stepped up to Marcelo as he bent over to place the ball, Marcelo headbutted him in the chest and fell over holding his face.

Arnold was shown a yellow card for standing too close to Marcelo’s bizarre comedy routine, but, given the score, he couldn’t have been too bothered by it.

Earlier in the match, Wolfsburg’s Vieirinha lost a tooth after taking an elbow to the mouth from Toni Kroos. Either that, or Vieirinha is far more dedicated to selling his acts of simulation.


After the match, an unofficial Wolfsburg Twitter account capped off the night by modifying Real Madrid’s celebratory team photo after they beat Barcelona a few days earlier.


Hopefully Marcelo is able to recover from his nonexistent injuries in time for the second leg.

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