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Drunk match officials banned by Czech federation

May 12, 2016


Two match officials have been banned by the Czech football federation for showing up drunk to work a first division match between Slavia Prague and FK Pribram. However, it remains unclear if their inebriation rendered them any less effective in their jobs than most sober officials.

From the BBC:

The FACR said fourth official Marek Pilny and additional assistant referee Jiri Jech would lose their licences and face disciplinary action.

A statement said Pilny was “visibly drunk”, adding that Jech had allegedly “urinated during the game”.

Pilny’s actions were caught on video and posted on YouTube.

The statement added that Pilny “struggled for balance” and “ran with the linesman copying his movements”.

In the video, Pilny can bee seen falling over and generally looking like he’s standing on a fishing boat in choppy seas from the very beginning of the match. He was then dragged away against his will by security.


But Pilny and Jech weren’t the only two punished for their actions. The rest of their officiating crew was suspended for the remainder of the season for letting them work in this condition, giving them more time to party without silly football matches getting in the way. WOOOOOOO! SHOTS!





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