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Man United paint child mascots blue for film promotion

May 17, 2016


Proving that there is absolutely no sponsorship opportunity Man United will turn down, the club with an official ready meal partner for Korea is now painting children blue to promote films.

As part of the club’s deal with 20th Century Fox, the child mascots for their final match of the season were done up like characters from the new X-Men film to promote its theatrical release.

From Man United’s official website:

Seven-year-old twins Hollie and Max will represent Mystique and Beast, and will be joined by Christiano, who has had a makeover to get into character of Nightcrawler. Daniel will take on the role of Cyclops, wearing specially-designed glasses, while the other characters represented on the pitch will be Professor X, Psyclocke, Quicksilver, Angel, Jean Grey, Storm and Magneto.

Since this match was abandoned at the last minute on Sunday and rescheduled for Tuesday, the children actually had to have this makeup applied twice. Which is quite the commitment to a sponsored activation for non-employees of the club.

With this precedent set, it’s probably only a matter of time before fans entering the stadium will be required to dress like vegetables to promote Man United’s official produce partner.





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