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Chile beat Mexico 7–0, Brazil and Mexico become sadness buddies

June 19, 2016


It was all going so well for Mexico. Manager Juan Carlos Osorio hadn’t lost in his first 22 matches in charge of the team, leading them to the quarterfinals of Copa America Centenario to face a Chile team they beat 1–0 in a friendly just before the tournament began. And then they lost to Chile in that quarterfinal match 7–0 (SEVEN GOALS TO NO GOALS).

It was Mexico’s worst loss to 1928 and given the massive support they have in the U.S., it was like losing at home. It was their version of Brazil losing 7–1 to Germany at the World Cup. Except Brazil at least scored a goal.

There’s not much one can say after a loss like this. Obviously Mexico aren’t THAT bad — they were looking like they might win the tournament before their 90 minutes from hell against Chile. All they can really do is weather the crying Jordan memes, light some incense and listen to The Smiths with Brazil for a while, then move on and maybe be a little more appreciative that South American teams don’t play in the CONCACAF Gold Cup.





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