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Pedro has better things to do than sit on the bench, isn’t sorry

June 20, 2016


It’s been a difficult year for Pedro. Last summer he left Barcelona due to lack of playing time and joined Chelsea, missing out on another league title with Barca in order to slog through a miserable mid-table finish in London. And now he’s traveled to France for Euro 2016, where he’s played a grand total of eight minutes in Spain’s first two matches. As a result of all this, he has reached his breaking point.

From the Guardian:

“I had different expectations when I first came here,” he said in an interview with Movistar, quoted in Marca. “It is difficult for me to play this role [as a substitute] and if there is no continuity it is not worth me turning up just to be part of the group.”

This is true. As lovely as Bordeaux is, Pedro can have stick fights with his son anywhere.


Of course, his honesty caused a bit of stir, but manager Vicente Del Bosque was quick to announce that an apology had been made and everything was fine. From FourFourTwo:

“Pedro’s comments caught me by surprise,” Del Bosque said.

“But it’s not bad that he talks and explains how he feels. I spoke to him and he apologised. He explained that he did not want to create any problems.

“I will not punish him. I already know pretty much who I will play against Croatia. Pedro’s comments do not change anything.

Except Pedro says that no, he’s not sorry at all.

Pedro used Monday’s scheduled pre-match press conference to tackle the issues over his comments head-on. The 28-year-old said: “I am not sorry exactly. If you asked me about my future in the national team, I would say the same [again].”

So to recap: Pedro has better things to do than sit around and watch his teammates pass the ball around 8,000 times per game, no, he’s not bitter about leaving Barca to join a club that didn’t qualify for European football, and yes, he would appreciate it if Pique and Jordi Alba would leave him the hell alone.






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