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Pele and Maradona make peace for money, turn negativity towards Messi and Neymar

June 9, 2016


After decades of trading insults in the media, Pele and Maradona have come together in friendship thanks to the money of a mutual sponsor. The pair made an appearance in Paris ahead of Euro 2016 (a tournament neither of them ever played in) to make their declaration of peace.


“No more fighting,” Maradona said as the two greats embraced. “I want to thank Pele, we know who he is and who he will always be. We need icons like him.”

“The most important is the message of peace. Many thanks to my friend Maradona for this opportunity and a big round of applause to the players who have been here today,” said Pele. “This is a moment of peace.”

Which is funny, because Maradona also used the occasion to say of Lionel Messi, whom he coached at the 2010 World Cup: “He is a great person, but he has no personality,” Maradona said. “He doesn’t have the personality to be a leader.”

And a few days earlier, Pele said of Neymar: “I’ve known Neymar since he was little and many years ago his coaches told me he was very good. That is so but he doesn’t have the quality of Ronaldo or Messi.”

So it seems that by “peace” Pele and Maradona have simply agreed to tear down the younger generation instead of each other. It’s also worth noting that Pele only said this was a “moment of peace.” They’ll probably get back to questioning each other’s sanity as soon as Hublot’s checks clear.






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