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“Throwback” Jamie Vardy gets by on tobacco, energy drinks, and avoiding the gym

June 18, 2016


It turns out his racist abuse of fellow casino patrons isn’t the only “old school” thing about England hero Jamie Vardy. The Leicester City striker, who came off the bench to spark England’s comeback against Wales, has discussed his unhealthy practices after being pictured with a Red Bull and a tin of smokeless tobacco at England’s training base in France.

From the Telegraph:

Yesterday Vardy admitted that he has also been skipping gym sessions, having convinced coaches that, at the relatively senior age of 29, there is no hope of change.

“If I go in the gym it will slow me down,” said Vardy, who yesterday enjoyed a day off with his new bride Becky after scoring 11 minutes into his major tournament debut.

“I don’t go in for weights or anything like that. Each and every person is different and this is my way, and I’m sure if someone else tried doing what I do then it probably wouldn’t work for them.”

Asked if any of his managers had attempted to drag him into the weights room, Vardy added: “Yeah, they’ve tried and not succeeded. The last time I lifted a weight was probably that can of Red Bull the other day.”

Vardy said that he doesn’t normally drink Red Bull and that it was only a pick-me-up after a poor night’s sleep (perhaps caused by using tobacco products and not going to the gym to expend excess energy). Still, all of this has elicited comparisons to George Best and the footballing greats of yesteryear who treated their bodies like rental cars. Because there remains a certain nostalgia for athletes who performed remarkable feats while indulging in the vices that we know aren’t good for anyone, let alone people who rely on their physical well being to do their jobs.





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