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Iceland shirts are selling best in Scotland, home to England’s most dedicated trolls

July 1, 2016


It should come as no surprise that Iceland kitmaker Errea has been unable to keep up with global demand for the shirts of Euro 2016’s undisputed darlings. It should also come as no surprise that the place where demand is highest for the shirt of the nation that stunned and embarrassed England by beating them 2–1 in the round of 16 is Scotland, the place where trolling England is a national pastime (especially when they’re the only nation of the British Isles not to qualify for a major tournament).

From the Daily Record:

Rosa Sembronio, head of marketing at the Italian company based near Parma, said: “Since the win we have had many orders from all over the world for the Iceland kit.

“But by far the greatest surge of orders has come from Scotland.

“Glasgow and Edinburgh in particular. Their win against England was celebrated in Scotland.”

The timing of the result — just after the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union with a vote in which England and Wales wanted to leave and Scotland and Northern Ireland wanted to remain, further fueling Scotland’s desire for independence — surely played a part in the degree to which Scotland relished Iceland’s victory.

But it’s not just Scotland that wants these shirts. Iceland’s press officer told the AFP that demand is 1,800% higher than they expected and, as a result, they are completely sold out. So it looks like new fans will have to make those Iceland supermarket bags last a bit longer.





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