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Pep Guardiola bans Man City players from eating pizza, dooms himself to failure in the Premier League

July 27, 2016


If there’s one thing the Premier League taught us last season it’s that pizza can perform miracles. Claudio Ranieri used it to fuel and inspire Leicester City to a still unbelievable Premier League title. But as Pep Guardiola prepares for his first season in the league with Manchester City, he has already committed a fatal error by banning his players from consuming the magical combination of dough, sauce, and cheese.

Defender Gael Clichy has revealed Guardiola’s doomed methods. From the Guardian:

“On the field, outside the field, every detail counts,” Clichy said. “For example, you often hear managers say being healthy is really important. With him, if you’re weight is too high, you’re not training with the team. That is the first thing and you can hear it a lot, but for my part it’s the first time any manager has really done it. So we have a few players who are not training with the team yet.”

Guardiola has been clear about the squad’s diet. “He cut out some juice and pizza and all the heavy food is not allowed,” said the 31-year-old. “Some people think: ‘That’s normal, it should be like this.’ But in truth it’s not always like this and I know because I’ve been playing football for a long time. It’s really refreshing and very exciting.”

The hubris of Guardiola’s anti-pizza agenda is remarkable. It proves that he hasn’t done his homework as he embarks on this new challenge. Man City’s only hope will be if he realizes this before it’s too late.





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