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DT Exclusive: Brendan Rodgers’ attempt to become Pep Guardiola’s new best friend

September 28, 2016


Brendan Rodgers and Celtic broke Pep Guardiola’s perfect record at Man City with a 3–3 draw in the Champions League group stage. The following is a transcript of Rodgers’ conversation with Guardiola after the match.

Rodgers: Hey hey! Pep-pep-aroo! Can I call you Pep-pep-aroo?

Guardiola: No.

Rodgers: Some match, wasn’t it? Outstanding. I really taught you a thing or two, didn’t I?

Guardiola: No.

Rodgers: Haha! You don’t have to say it. Now how about we go to my office, have a glass of wine and I’ll tell you about how I made Luis Suarez and Raheem Sterling the players they are today?

Guardiola: No.

Rodgers: Ah, come now, Pep. Don’t be sore. You got BRodge’d in the Champions League. No shame in that. So how about that wine? It’s made next to the sewage treatment plant just down the road.

Guardiola: No.

Rodgers: Oh, I almost forgot to ask — did you get the portrait of me that I sent you? I have the same one hanging in my house. I thought you’d find it as inspiring as I do.

Guardiola: No.

Rodgers: Don’t worry, I’ll send you another one. It’ll be there by the time you get back to Manchester. Now how about that drink?

Guardiola: No.

Rodgers: Outstanding, we’ll save it for next time, then. Anyway…I should probably get going. I’ve got dinner reservations. We can add one more if you want to join.

Guardiola: No.

Rodgers: Alright. Suit yourself.

Guardiola: Hey Brendan…I look forward to receiving your portrait.

Rodgers: I know you do, Pep. I know.

Guardiola: Did you say something?

Rodgers: Did you?

Guardiola: Yes, I said you’re blocking the door.

Rodgers: Oh. Right. I thought you said something about the portrait of me.

Guardiola: You’re a strange man, Brendan Rodgers. A strange and brilliant man.

Rodgers: Outstanding…

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