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Having grown bored with winning, Jose Mourinho tries losing…a lot

September 16, 2016


Jose Mourinho has won everything. So now he’s giving the opposite a try. And it’s going really well.

Mourinho’s Manchester United lost 2–1 to Man City last weekend and followed that up with a 1–0 loss to Feyenoord in the Europa League. This leaves him with 13 losses in his last 31 matches.

For someone as overwhelmingly successful as Mourinho was for a solid decade, the only possible explanation for this complete reversal of fortunes is that he’s doing it on purpose. When he returned to Chelsea and won a third Premier League title in 2015, he presumably realized that he has won too many trophies to enjoy the sensation anymore, so he now needs to lose in order to feel anything at all. Yeah, that’s definitely it.

After losing 11 of 25 with Chelsea last season and two of five with Man United so far this season, Mourinho is surely feeling alive again. Is there any greater thrill than losing to Feyenoord in the Europa League with a team that includes the likes of Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Juan Mata, and David De Gea? I think not.

Just look at Mourinho during the match. This is a man who had electricity coursing through him:


So what next for Mourinho? Maybe a loss to League One side Northampton Town in the EFL Cup. Getting eliminated in the Europa League group stage would be special. The ground’s the limit. Especially when you’re parking the bus.





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