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Borussia Mönchengladbach rename themselves “A German Team” for Scottish pub owners

October 19, 2016

Who says German football clubs don’t have a sense of humor?


Champions League fixtures can pose a problem for the more ignorant pub chalkboard writers of the world. And with Celtic set to face Borussia Mönchengladbach, this proved problematic for one such person in Glasglow, who gave up on writing Mönchengladbach after three tries and just went with “A German Team.”

Obviously, in the age of internet capable devices in every pocket, this spelling challenge could have been rectified rather easily and was likely just a joke to bring attention to the sign. And it definitely worked.

Gladbach’s English language Twitter account took notice and decided to play along, changing the name of their account to “A German Team” for the rest of the day. Celtic fans are far more likely to know their opponents’ name after the match, however, as Gladbach won 2–0, leaving Celtic at the bottom of Group C.

Gladbach can take solace in the fact that they weren’t the only European club giving pub chalkboard writers fits on the day, though. Ludogorets Razgrad was apparently too difficult to even attempt.


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