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Harry Redknapp more upset about having to pay for dinner than his players breaking FA rules

October 1, 2016


It should come as no surprise that the endless fountain of entertainment that is Harry Redknapp has been caught up in The Telegraph’s undercover sting operation uncovering corruption and malfeasance in football. The man whose 2012 tax avoidance trial featured revelations about foreign bank accounts in his dog’s name was caught on video regaling dinner companions with the story of how he once caught his players betting on one of their own matches.

His response to learning that he was caught up in a sting operation was hilariously Harry. From The Telegraph:

When The Telegraph contacted Redknapp to put the allegation to him, he admitted becoming aware of his players betting on the match, but said: “Who gives a s — — about that?”

HAHAHAHAHA! I imagine Redknapp would have responded this way no matter what the Telegraph’s investigative team had told him.

“Harry, aliens have landed and they’re going to destroy the Earth in 15 minutes!”

“Who gives a shit about that?”

But it gets better:

Told it would have been against FA rules, he replied: “Oh would it? Oh, OK. But not at that time I don’t think it was, was it? They weren’t betting on the other team, they were having a bet on their own team.”

FA rules then and now forbid players betting on matches in which they are playing. Lawyers for Redknapp said he was not aware of players betting on the match at the time.

Clearly, Harry Redknapp does not care about FA rules. What he does care about, however, it getting stuck with a dinner tab.

Note how he says “the other four scumbags,” implying that, if you include him, there were a total of five scumbags at the table.

Never change, Harry Redknapp. Never, ever change.





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