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Pep Guardiola is turning Man City into North Korea

October 4, 2016


First Pep Guardiola took away his players’ pizza privileges, which was heartless but perhaps necessary. Now he has entered Kim Jong-un levels of tyranny, though, as Pablo Zabaleta reveals that Guardiola has disconnected the WiFi at Man City’s training base.

From the Guardian:

The Spaniard has arranged for certain areas of the City Football Academy to be free from 3G signal and disconnected from the in-house Wi-Fi system.

Pablo Zabaleta revealed the move from the Catalan which aims to make it harder for players to be distracted by their phones or other mobile devices.

“He forces us to have breakfast and lunch together at the club. The internet is cut off, we are held incommunicado. We don’t even use 3G,” the full-back told Argentina’s TyC Sports.

What an absolute monster. To deny people the god given right to ignore those around them by staring their phones for extended periods of time is inhumane. At this rate, it won’t be long before he starts testing a nuclear weapons system. He must be stopped before it’s too late.





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