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Wayne Rooney apologizes for being pictured looking like hell at a wedding reception

November 16, 2016

Really, Wayne? This is the one you’re sorry for?

The phrase “For a greater Britain” next to that image of Rooney is too perfect

Following England’s 3–0 win over Scotland on Friday, Wayne Rooney was photographed at a wedding party that happened to be taking place at the hotel used by the England team. Still wearing his team gear, Rooney was photographed looking sloppier than usual with wine stained lips. The Sun published these photos and Rooney was held out of England’s 2–2 draw with Spain, supposedly for unrelated reasons.

Now, Rooney’s representatives have issued a statement on his behalf:

“Naturally Wayne is sorry that pictures taken with fans have been published today.

“Although it was a day off for the whole squad and staff, he fully recognises that the images are inappropriate for someone in his position.

“Earlier today Wayne spoke privately to both Gareth Southgate and Dan Ashworth to unreservedly apologise.

“He would like to further extend that apology to any young fans who have seen these pictures.”

Really, Wayne? These are the images you’re sorry your young fans might see?

What about this one?

Rooney shaved a “19” into his chest hair after Man United won their 19th league title, then tweeted this photo

Or this one?


Or this one?

I can’t even begin to explain this

Or this one?

Or this one?

If you’re going to set a precedent for apologizing every time you’re caught doing something embarrassing on camera, you’re going to be a busy man, Wayne. Then again, this could be a more productive use of your time than actually playing football.





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