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Rod Stewart brings some flair to the Scottish Cup draw

January 22, 2017

You don’t enlist a flamboyant rockstar if you want a normal draw

(Sky Sports)

When you’ve been a performer for as long as Rod Stewart has, you know that when someone asks to have Rod Stewart take part in their event—even if it’s just the Scottish Cup draw—they want the full Rod Stewart experience.

So instead of merely picking balls out of a bowl and reading out the numbers like every person who has ever participated in a cup draw before him, the singer and Celtic fan decided to carry out his task with a bit of pizzazz.

Now, you might watch that and say the man is drunk, but I just see Rod being Rod. He knows how to entertain the people and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Sure, he seems a bit confused at times and completely misses a handshake attempt at the end, but when’s the last time you watched a Scottish Cup draw before Rod showed up? Exactly.

If FIFA’s smart, they’re booking him for the next World Cup draw right now.





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