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Carlo Ancelotti managed his 1,000th match and all he got was a giant pretzel (and an 8–0 win)

February 25, 2017

The ultimate payoff for a long and successful career

Bayern’s match against Hamburg on Saturday marked Carlo Ancelotti’s 1,000th as a manager and to celebrate the occasion, the club gave him a big-ass Bavarian pretzel shaped like the №1,000 before kickoff.

I would’ve taken that thing back to the dugout and eaten all of it before halftime, but the magic of Ancelotti’s eyebrow is that it was able to resist the allure of a carb-coma to lead Bayern to an 8–0 win. Yes, 8–0.

After the match, Ancelotti had to admit that the day couldn’t have gotten much better. From Reuters:

“A perfect day, a perfect game,” said Ancelotti. “The team played an outstanding game and I could not be happier.”

“I told my players before the game that I wanted a good match for my anniversary. I never thought it would be that good. I hope we show the same attitude in our next game.”

If Arsenal have any designs on coming back from their 5–1 first-leg deficit to Bayern in the Champions League, they now know that gifts of large pretzels won’t help their cause.





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