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My team plays like it’s 1970 and so can yours

February 3, 2017

We’re giving away these Howler x Umbro kits—(very short) shorts included

Meet Team Boardr, named after the skateboard shop where Justin (the guy in the middle, to my left) works

This is my co-ed beer-league team. These are the jerseys we wore on Wednesday night. Everyone who saw us warming up was extremely jealous. The fabric feels amazing. So does the breeze on your upper thigh as you slice through the other team’s defense (probably). Even if you lose 6–4, as we did, it feels like you only lost 5–4 when you’re wearing kits as sweet as these.

Here’s the back

And now you can win a set for your entire team. Thanks to Umbro USA, we are giving away a set of eight field kits plus one goalkeeper set. All you have to do is drop your email below (and increase your chances by encouraging all your teammates to do the same). We’ll be randomly drawing one name and announcing the winner in our weekly Howler Bulletin email on Friday, February 10.

And here’s Brian, a new father, pretending to be a subway flasher.





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