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Atlanta United’s guide to soccer lingo…the expanded edition

March 4, 2017

Because soccer can never have too many Britishisms

Look at these guys…erm, gents

Someone in Atlanta, clearly laboring under the assumption that the internet, cable, and all communication technologies don’t exist, decided today would be a good day to release a guide to speaking Soccer. Or is that football? Anyhow, before Atlanta United makes its MLS debut, here’s the guide:

Only that’s not the whole story. There’s another page to Atlanta United’s guide to speaking like a Proper British Gentleman and/or Gary Neville. It was not distributed on Twitter, but we have obtained the highlights for you and they are reproduced verbatim below.

More soccer synonyms:

  • Waffle House = Ye Olde English Pub
  • Run the Jewels = Kindly bring the Queen her crown, good sir
  • Ciara = Leona Lewis
  • Inbounding = Throw-in
  • Delta = British Airways
  • CNN Center = Broadcasting House
  • Peaches = Mushy peas
  • Hello = Top of the morning, m’lad
  • Jacob Tamme = Injury time
  • New England Revolution = Sunderland A.F.C.
  • The Sith = FIFA
  • Left-hand drive = Right-side drive
  • “So baby pull me closer in the backseat of your Rover” = Why are we making out in the back of a cheap car that hasn’t been produced since 1967?
  • Outkast = Yob




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