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Escape from Ronaldo Island: Episode 1 of the Dirty Tackle podcast is ready for your ears

March 23, 2017

Listen, enjoy, and VOTE (not necessarily in that order)

This is it—episode one of the Dirty Tackle podcast.

In our big debut, Ryan Bailey, Theo Messi, and myself sort through real and fake news (Manuel Pellegrini on dancing with the stars? Arsene Wenger’s parrots? Coutinho’s Mickey Mouse tattoo?) in “True Are Ya?”, offer up our Dirty Tackles of the Week as retribution for improper conduct in the football world, and give our rulings on hot button topics like plane banners, sleeve sponsors, and Cristiano Ronaldo Airport in “Life Ref” (which has an amazing theme song, by the way). Plus hear totally not made up ads for the outrageously priced Miami Clasico and new technology to get you through the international break.

So give it a listen (iTunes link), subscribe, and then tell everyone you know to do the same because this show is part of the Panoply Pilot Project, which means we only get to make more if you demand it (VOTE FOR OUR SHOW HERE to help it continue).


Thanks to our producer Dan Bloom and Jayson De Leon for making this happen. And thanks to everyone who listens. We had a great time making this show and we’d love to keep it going.





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