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Here are several videos PSG fans should not watch

March 10, 2017

Barca fans celebrating and PSG players foreshadowing their own demise

The fallout from PSG blowing a four-goal lead over Barcelona in the Champions League round of 16 to lose 6–5 on aggregate has been severe. PSG fans waited at the airport so they could heckle the players upon their return to Paris and vandalized their cars. Meanwhile, a video published 24 hours before Barca beat PSG 6–1 in the second leg at the Camp Nou shows that blowing comfortable leads in the Champions League was very much on the minds of the PSG players going into the game.

Teammates Marco Verratti, Julian Draxler, Blaise Matuidi, and Thomas Meunier were filmed eating pizza and having a chat with the topic of conversation being their upcoming match. Matuidi expressed concern that the first 20 minutes would be toughest (the last 10 proved to be much worse) and that the giant pitch would give Neymar an advantage. After concluding that he still thinks they’ll advance, newcomer Julian Draxler planted the seed of doubt by relaying the story of when his Wolfsburg team squandered a 2–0 first-leg lead over Real Madrid. This prompted the PSG old boys to remember when they dropped a 3–1 lead over Chelsea. Needless to say, this was not the best conversation to have at this time.

The final result did provide a number of excellent clips of Barca fans reacting to the incredible comeback, which the club has neatly compiled into two videos that, again, PSG supporters should not watch. Enjoy. Unless you’re a PSG fan.





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