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Howler is looking for a few good editorial assistants

May 18, 2017

FIFA has generously allowed us to recruit outside of the transfer window

Let’s work together (Powerhouse Museum)

What does an editorial assistant do?

Editorial assistants write for and pitch in with the production of Howler Magazine. We ask that editorial assistants pitch and write one piece per week for the website while helping out with various tasks related to producing the mag. These include research, writing sidebars and captions, and fact-checking. If you’re interested in social media or podcast production, we’d be happy to put you to work in these areas as well. Nobody will ever ask you to stand in line for coffee.

Who can be an editorial assistant?

You can be an editorial assistant. This is a great position for someone looking to get some experience in journalism. Ideally, you’re a curious person who likes researching and writing (and soccer). It also helps if you have an idea what kind of stories Howler is interested in [pro tip: we have a website with lots of examples]. Please give us a sense of your soccer interests: MLS, NWSL, U.S. national team(s), Mexico, England, Argentina, South Korea — whatever. Beyond that, we’d like to encourage candidates from non-traditional backgrounds, so just tell us what you think you can offer. This should go without saying, but those who are under-represented in soccer journalism—women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, fans of clubs other than Arsenal ;)—are more than welcome to apply.

What’s in it for me?

We cannot promise you riches. Howler is an independent publication that operates on a shoestring budget; we pay for stories that run in print, but editorial assistant positions are voluntary (at least until we sell out to a Russian oligarch). For the time being, our editorial assistants can expect to compile a solid body of writing and gain experience in the making of a magazine and a website.

Have Howler’s previous editorial assistants ever been heard from again?

Yes. We can’t take credit for their accomplishments, because these are exceptionally talented people who would thrive regardless, but our editorial assistants have moved on to jobs with Major League Soccer, ESPNFC, beIN Sports, and elsewhere in the soccer universe.

Okay, so how do I join the team?

Send a note about yourself and links to your previous work to faisal[at]howlermagazine[dot]com. Thanks.





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