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Leo Messi announces he will be “super angry” if Alves and Higuain win Champions League without him

May 10, 2017

The duo have helped Juventus to the Champions League final and Messi is not pleased

(Dani Alves/Instagram)

Leo Messi has warned former Barcelona teammate Dani Alves and Argentina teammate Gonzalo Higuain that he will be more angry than he has ever been in his life if they win the Champions League with Juventus.

The Italian club reached the Champions League final by beating Monaco 4–1 on aggregate, thanks to two goals from Higuain in the first leg and a goal and an assist from Alves in the second. Both players joined Juventus this season, Higuain in a €90 million transfer from Napoli and Alves on a free transfer from Barcelona.

“If they win the Champions League, I swear…” Messi told reporters, shaking his head. “I don’t even know what I’ll do. I’ll be super angry. I’ll probably punch a balloon. Maybe two of them.”

Messi’s frustration stems from the fact that Barcelona did not keep Alves, instead freeing him to sign with the club that would eliminate them from the Champions League quarterfinals. His frustration with Higuain, meanwhile, is a result of the striker’s lackluster performances in the three major cup finals Argentina have reached in recent years, losing in all of them.

“I can’t believe Barca were stupid enough to let Dani leave,” Messi continued. “He’s showing how much he brings to a team. I hope the English media write more stories about me joining Man City just to spite Barca for this. For the record, I’m not going to leave, though. All my stuff is here, so I can’t. I mean, I might. But I won’t. And Higuain—he’s just playing well to mess with me. I know it. But what did I ever do to him? Besides that one time I didn’t invite him to my birthday party every year.”

Asked if he will watch the Champions League final, Messi said, “No. I’m just going to sit outside with my leg over my giant dog until it’s over.”

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