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Ranking the Twitter accounts for all 22 MLS teams

May 27, 2017

Who has the best memes in Major League Soccer?

Complex has taken to ranking each of the 30 NBA team Twitter accounts from worst to first, which has inspired us at Howler to do the same for the accounts of the 22 MLS teams. Simple enough, right? We start at the bottom…

22. Vancouver Whitecaps FC (@WhitecapsFC)

Followers: 308K


May 4th, a.k.a. “Star Wars Day,” typically gives social media teams some content to work with, but when it is one of your best tweets of the year, then you have some problems. The Vancouver Whitecaps account has a strong follower base, yet none of their tweets provide top banter.

Even when Vancouver attempts to make a joke, it falls a bit flat…

21. Toronto FC (@TorontoFC)

Followers: 290K


Much like their fellow countrymen, Toronto’s twitter account seems a bit stale. Their content is ordinary and boring, typically posting scores, team news, and pictures. Obviously that’s their job, but Toronto’s only saving grace is that they occasionally supply fans with some artistic content.

20. New England Revolution (@NERevolution)

Followers: 90K


Another team that used May 4th as a quick joke was the New England Revolution. They attempted to burn rivals Columbus Crew; however, the burn wasn’t very hot. I would assume that Columbus shrugged off this one pretty easily. Another issue with New England’s account is that they pander to other local sports teams like the New England Patriots (with whom they share an owner) and the Boston Celtics. When looking at the Revolution’s feed, if you don’t see a tweet @ing another, far more popular local team, then you’re not looking at the Revolutions’ feed.

19. New York City FC (@NYCFC)

Followers: 332K


NYCFC has a couple of things working against them: 1) They’re considered to be the pipsqueak younger sibling of Premier League powerhouse Man City, and 2) It’s hard to get too loud on social media when you’ve lost 7–0 to a crosstown rival. NYCFC’s account typically mixes regular team news witha massive dose of David Villa content (it’s like he is their best player or something).

The only times we’ve seen NYCFC spread their social wings, it has resulted in a few busts…

18. Atlanta United FC (@ATLUTD)

Followers: 512K


To be fair to Atlanta United, it’s difficult to get to the flow of things when you’re a brand new club. Atlanta is as basic and boring as any other club. They post scores and highlights while making subtle jabs towards opponents.

For now, ATLUTD can be proud of their inaugural season. But when next season comes around, they better start dropping some serious Twitter bombs.

17. Montreal Impact (@impactmontreal)

Followers: 284K


The Montreal Impact rarely move away from scheduled content. Every once in a while, they will post a cute video of the team bonding or Dominic Oduro eating pizza. Apart from that, the account can be dry and dull.

Montreal stuck with the Canadian stereotype of kindness when they wished FC Dallas luck in the CONCACAF knockout stage. Aren’t you all supposed to hate each other? I guess Kevin Alexander is right—there are no more hard men in soccer.

16. Columbus Crew SC (@ColumbusCrewSC)

Followers: 143K


The Columbus Crew’s twitter account is decent. They provide decent graphics and bountiful updates on the team. Apart from that, the club is pretty quiet online. However, you can always expect them to give you updates on other local sports teams. Thanks, I guess…

15. Portland Timbers (@TimbersFC)

Followers: 285K


The Portland Timbers have brought the heat in the past. As of late though, MLS’s Official Hipster Club has been weak on social media. In the past few months, the Timbers have provided fans with a subtle Trump joke and that’s about it. Portland completely lost their strut when the LA Galaxy destroyed them following the flopping meme craze.

14. D.C. United (@DCUnited)

Followers: 117K


DC United is one of MLS’s oldest teams, which speaks to the vibe of their Twitter account. It maintains a certain properness to its wording and phrasing. United do drop a few memes and jokes here and there, yet nothing too exciting.

13. Real Salt Lake (@RealSaltLake)

Followers: 128K


Snow, snow, and snow. This is why Real Salt Lake’s account is praiseworthy. Yes, there are few teams in the league that get a considerable amount of snow at various points throughout the year, but it seems like Salt Lake’s entire feed is filled with it. The club posts a small amount of banter, but the beauty of their photos gives them a few points.

12. Houston Dynamo (@HoustonDynamo)

Followers: 342K


The Houston Dynamo has a decent to strong account. Posting funny jokes and highlights, the team does well at maintaing an enjoyable Twitter experiences. The Dynamo would have ranked higher if it wasn’t for their flop of a joke with Cubo Torres as C-3P0.

11. San Jose Earthquakes (@SJEarthquakes)

Followers: 202K


The state of California seems to provide a massive boost to anyone’s social media presence. The Earthquakes, much like every social media account, have a few good jokes and a few bad. Good: Their tweet with the Golden State Warriors. Bad: Their parody of Home Alone. Although it was creative, there is one rule that every media employee knows about professional athletes: They can’t act!

10. New York Red Bulls (@NewYorkRedBulls)

Followers: 185K


The New York Red Bulls have a strong social media presence. I guess Twitter is easy when your rivals suck against you. At this rate, the New York Red Bulls are on track to being one of the league’s best accounts.

9. Chicago Fire (@ChicagoFire)

Followers: 140K


Can we talk about how a five-year-old TV show with the same name has more followers than a soccer team that has existed since 1997? Maybe the soccer team needs to up their Twitter game. If it wasn’t for Bastian Schweinsteiger being asked about winning the World Cup or when he was asked to take a photo of a fan and his teammates, the Fire wouldn’t be this high on the list.

The tweet below really plucks the heartstrings, but…oh wait…

8. Minnesota United FC (@MNUFC)

Followers: 60K


You can’t hate on Minnesota United FC. The club has one of the smallest yet most passionate fanbases in the entire league. Their Twitter account knows that and appeals to their fans, which makes it true and genuine. Let’s hope that the club continues to grow their Twitter account as they grow in MLS.

7. Orlando City SC (@OrlandoCitySC)

Followers: 387K


We have another Star Wars joke on our hands, but this one—this one is gold! Like San Jose, having a strong setting benefits your social media presence greatly. With Orlando’s beautiful stadium, the club has had an easy time showing themselves off on Twitter.

6. FC Dallas (@FCDallas)

Followers: 135K


Major League Soccer’s Community Shield winners have a properly funny Twitter account. Always quick to attack their state rivals in Houston, Dallas is never afraid to pull the trigger on a joke.

5. Sporting Kansas City (@SportingKC)

Followers: 297K


Sporting Kansas City has an artsy account that is backed up with humor. In addition, when you have soccer’s great power couple playing for the two clubs in your city, you’ve got a strong foundation to work with.

4. Colorado Rapids (@ColoradoRapids)

Followers: 84K


If we had to award a club for the most “dank memes,” it would have to go to the Colorado Rapids. Their team may not be the best this season, but their tweets always seem to get the job done.

3. Seattle Sounders FC (@SoundersFC)

Followers: 406K


Being the champions always helps your cause when it comes to social media. And having a bitter rival with a classy goal tradition that’s easy to make fun of makes social media even easier.

2. Philadelphia Union (@PhilaUnion)

Followers: 109K


Just last year it seemed like the Union had no Twitter presence whatsoever. Then the 2017 season rolls around and suddenly they have a heap of original content. The social media team in Chester is in need of a raise after this season.

  1. LA Galaxy (@LAGalaxy)

Followers: 390K


Who else but the LA Galaxy to sit atop this list? Applauded for their ability to shut down random trolls and rival teams alike, MLS’s most decorated club rules both in the trophy cabinet and on Twitter.



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