Club America fan demonstrates how to remove an unwanted sponsor patch from a replica shirt

A handy trick for anyone who doesn’t want to be a walking billboard

(Club America)

When Club America revealed that The Home Depot would be their newest shirt sponsor, many fans were unhappy. The garish orange square underneath the logo for Chinese telecomm Huawei replaces an understated Coca-Cola logo and sticks out like a sore thumb on an otherwise nice shirt.

While some shops charge a premium for a version of the shirt without The Home Depot logo, one America supporter made a video demonstrating how to remove it.

All you need is a bit of acetone and a cotton swab to rub on the inside of the shirt behind the offending patch and it’ll peel right off. Wash the shirt afterwards to ensure the acetone doesn’t affect the shirt and you’re good to go. Of course, this can be done with any football shirt bearing an unwanted corporate mark. For example, Juventus fans can do this to remove their club’s dumb new logo so it doesn’t sully the “Jeep” branding across the front.

Video via ESPN