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Drawn Offside: July’s Work

August 14, 2015

Last month, the Drawn Offside illustrators created work about FC Torino’s faded glory, Brazil’s troubled national team, and hooligan-lit

[O]ur call for submissions for the Drawn Offside Emerging Illustrators Fellowship brought in letters from more than 40 very talented applicants, and our jury ended up choosing three for the first, six-month class. We are very excited to introduce Alvar Sirlin, Case Jernigan, and Xiaohua Yang. Below you’ll find a brief statement from each artist along with their work from July. And thanks to EA Sports for making this program possible.

Alvar Sirlin

Luiz and Silva

For the story Brazil’s Seleção and the Long Way Home

“I grew up in Manhattan in the 90’s amidst hip hop culture, bombing streets. I went to La Guardia High School, after the Fame era, when it moved to Lincoln Center. I studied art in and design in Buenos Aires, then at RISD. I live in Clinton Hill Brooklyn now. I play a lot of soccer, surf, and take my dog out for walks. I like my work to be very marky, rapid and expressive of various types of consciousness.”

What’s your favourite soccer team?
International: Argentina

Club: Chelsea, but I’m considering deserting for the Gunners. I know. I started late so I don’t have strong ties.

What goal celebration would you pull if you scored in a World Cup final?
Yoga crow pose

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Xiaohua Yang


For the story The Ghost of Il Grande Torino

“My name is Yang Xiaohua. I am originally from Shanghai, China. Graduated from Minneapolis College of Art and Design, I am now working as a freelancer in New York.”

What’s your favourite soccer team?

I appreciate the spirit and the beauty of this sport and I don’t usually have a favorite team or club. But if I have to make a choice here, I do think the Germany national football team in 2014 World Cup was great.

What goal celebration would you pull if you scored in a World Cup final?

I’d run like a crazy man until my teammates catch me and pile up on top of me.

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Case Jernigan


For the story This is 25: Looking Back at Among the Thugs

“I grew up in Charleston, South Carolina, and the rich colors, cobblestones, alligators and tall tales from that place weave their way into my work. I studied painting formally, but primarily work with paper in a studio in Brooklyn. I coach high school tennis players and find inspiration in Renaissance paintings, illuminated manuscripts, children’s books… and Alexi Lalas.”

What’s your favourite soccer team?

I’m a Newcastle and USMNT supporter.

What goal celebration would you pull if you scored in a World Cup final?

Kneeslide to corner flag, box it, salute it, twirl my shirt over my head, suck my thumb and fling myself into the stands for the yellow card.

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