The Essex police have had enough of people calling them about West Ham results

Believe it or not, some things are more serious than West Ham’s current form

(West Ham)

As expected by everyone except West Ham’s owners, the Hammers lost their first match under new manager David Moyes, making relegation seem all the more certain (even though it’s only November). Though the 2-0 loss at Watford was certainly distressing to West Ham supporters, the Essex police force used their Twitter account to remind people that the club’s dire results are not grounds for calling emergency services.

After seeing what David Moyes did to the likes of Sunderland and Man United, it’s understandable why West Ham fans would be so panicked, but I think what the Essex police are saying is that the club’s plight won’t truly be an emergency until after the new year. So until then, stick to the non-emergency lines. Unless Moyes brings in Marouane Fellaini, then call in the military.

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