Jamie Carragher laughs at Fabricio Coloccini report on live TV

Jamie Carragher can be difficult to understand at times, but there was no mistaking his feelings on Newcastle defender Fabricio Coloccini being linked to the club’s managerial position as Alan Pardew is set to leave for Crystal Palace.

As the announcement was made on Sky’s Monday Night Football program, the laughter escaped from Carragher’s body like a naked pitch invader emerging from the section with the most out of shape steward. He then asked “What? The player?” as if there was a chance Neil Warnock had changed his name to Fabricio Coloccini within the last two days or something.

Carragher tried to compose himself after his initial break, but a few more guffaws snuck free throughout the report. But as far as Newcastle decisions go, laughter and disbelief are probably a step up from the reactions they usually elicit.