Lionel Messi’s body is just a giant coloring book to his son

Leo Messi’s body is worth billions. Between its footballing talent and ability to sell a variety of products, it’s something that Barcelona, FIFA, dozens of corporations and millions of fans hold in the highest regard. But to his two-year-old son Thiago, Leo’s body is just a giant coloring book begging for purple scribbles.

Messi’s partner, Antonella Roccuzzo, posted a picture of their son coloring in Leo’s newest leg tattoo — a sword with roses, a ClipArt football and his shirt number. The caption for the photo: “finishing daddy’s tattoo.” But judging by the penmanship of the “Anto” written on his thigh, it looks like mommy might have helped.

Meanwhile, if Cristiano Ronaldo’s young son asked his dad if he could draw on him, he would probably be put in timeout for the rest of his life.