10-year-old competition winner takes the FA Cup home for a night

Eating a sandwich in your kitchen beside one of the game’s most iconic trophies is something many children (and adults) fantasize about and one 10-year-old Derby County fan actually got to live that dream. Ryan O’Donnell won a competition put on by the FA and his prize was a tour of the Rams’ iPRO Stadium and a night with the FA Cup at his house.

So how did he spend his time with the cup? He ate next to it (of course), he watched TV with it, he played a board game against it, and he slept with it at his bedside (or he at least got in bed and stared at it with the lights on while a camera person filmed him).

Thankfully, Arsenal finally ended their trophy drought by winning the FA Cup last season so Arsene Wenger didn’t have to go through the indignity of entering this competition himself under a variety of pseudonyms and never giving it back if he won.